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___The Youth Culture Centre Fort 49 “Krzesławice” in Cracow is the institution of the city of Cracow, working actively within the national education system.

___We are to help children and youth develop their natural talents and interests, create opportunities for their development in any freely chosen area. It is to be done through participation in numerous offered forms of activities such as seasonal feasts, exhibitions, entertainment, etc. We care for children and show them how to organise efficiently their free time.

___Since 2000 the Youth Culture Centre has been located in the monumental artillery fort dating back to 1881—1886. It is gradually undergoing overhaul repairs for the needs of our institution. We also make links and join ourselves with the history of the neighbouring area. It is even reflected in the contemporary name of the centre which has been joined with the historical term: Fort 49 “Krzesławice”.

___We are the only culture centre in the 17th District of Cracow City.